Meet Melissa

Hi! I'm Melissa Saubers

Through intentional heart-centered coaching, Cacao ceremonies, breathwork, and hypnotherapy, I help my clients discover and remove the conscious and subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and barriers that are numbing and dulling their life so they can begin to heal.

I guide them on a journey of healing and expansion while holding them in a safe container. There they can access insights & awareness, repattern limiting beliefs, remove destructive behaviors, heal their hearts, and expand into their fullest expression of their most authentic self.

In a nutshell, I help my clients heal and expand their hearts so they can sparkle and shine and live a life of love, joy, abundance, and gratitude.

I'm grateful that I "get to do this work" every day. I look forward to helping you.


Work with Melissa

If you’re ready to Be Who You Were Meant To Be - contact Me ASAP for your free 15-minute Discovery Call!


Training and Certifications:

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Hypnosis

Spiritual Healing Hypnosis: Temple of Divinity

Breathwork Facilitator: Alchemy of Breath

Hypnotherapy: Grace Space Hypnotherapy

Cacao Ceremonialist: Love Cacao

Yoga and Meditation Teacher: True Love Yoga

Reiki: Reiki Usui Tradition of Natural Healing

Energy Healer & Channeler: The Be Love Healing School

Heart Math


"Melissa masterfully cultivates these types of amazing experiences with every class she teaches. She’s a kind and gentle guide in this important field of work. Give it a try. You’ll love it!"
~ Matthew


"Melissa is patient, kind, and compassionate, a true healer that has one desire and that is to provide a space for one to reconnect with themselves through BREATH."
~ Karen
 Cacao Ceremonies
 Breathwork Journeys
 Quantum & Spiritual Hypnosis
 Meditation & Yoga

When we are connected to the heart's inner knowing, we tap into its wisdom as a source of love and higher guidance.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza