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Healing Hypnotherapy 1:1 Session - (90 minutes)

Hypnotherapy is a deeply healing meditation with a specific goal or intention.

During the healing hypnotherapy session, I’ll help you discover and remove the conscious and subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and barriers that are numbing and dulling your life so you can begin to heal.

I’ll guide you on a journey of healing and expansion while holding you in a safe container where you can access insights and awareness, repattern limiting beliefs, remove destructive behaviors, heal your heart, and expand into the fullest expression of your most authentic self.

The session begins with a review of your intake plus your intentions. Then I will safely guide you into a relaxed state using guided meditation. Once relaxed you will have access to information and insight that is beyond your conscious awareness and I will guide you to the healing and expansion that’s available. Expect profound awareness and significant shifts, even after one session.

Location: In Person in the Kansas City area or online via Zoom

Here's How You Sign Up:

  1. Register and complete the payment above.
  2. Afterward, check your inbox for an email containing a link to Melissa's schedule availability.
  3. Choose either in-person in Kansas City or online via Zoom then follow the link to find a time that works for you and book your appointment from there.

Please have the following available for your comfort:

  • Wear comfy, layered clothes. You may get hot or you may get cold.
  • If at home, lie on a yoga mat or your bed and have a blanket to cover up and anything else for your comfort. You will be lying on your back for the session. If in person at my office, I will have everything you need for your comfort.
  • A journal and pen, if you want to take notes after.
  • Water to drink.

Meet Melissa Saubers - A Holistic Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Melissa Saubers is a heart-centered Quantum and Spiritual Teacher who uses a holistic approach rooted in science, psychology, and spirituality. Her expertise lies in the subconscious mind, quantum field, manifestation, and expanding consciousness. Melissa's goal is to support her clients' healing, expansion, and manifestation journeys with a variety of healing modalities, including breathwork, hypnotherapy, reiki, cacao, quantum healing hypnosis, and energy healing.

Melissa's primary focus is to remove the conscious and subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and barriers that interfere with her clients' healing. She guides them through a journey of healing and expansion, providing support and a safe environment to access insights and awareness. Her methods help to repattern limiting beliefs, remove destructive behaviors, heal their hearts, and expand into the fullest expression of their most authentic self.

Melissa's clients experience profound transformations in their lives as they heal their hearts, expand their consciousness, raise their vibe, and manifest a life of joy, love, abundance, and freedom.