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Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis 1:1 Session (BQH) - (2 hours)

A deep healing hypnosis session where you access the quantum field and your subconscious connecting with your past, present, parallel, or future lives, your Higher Self, spirit guides or angels, or other profound "scenes" to remove blocks, gain clarity and bring deep healing, heart opening, and consciousness expansion.

Our session will begin with a thorough intake and intention-setting process. You will write a list of questions to ask your Higher Self or Healing team. Then I will safely guide you into a deeply relaxed meditative state. There you can access information from past lives, current lives, future lives, or parallel lives. You will have the possibility of having a conversation with your Higher Self or healing team.

Whatever is presented to you during the session is directly tied back to your intentions to help you heal and expand. The possibilities for this session are limitless.

All sessions will be recorded and you will receive the audio file for future reference. Sessions can be done in person or online via Zoom.