The Beginnings of Something

beginnings beyond quantum healing books breathwork cacao coaching events expansion healers healing healing arts professionals manifestation melissa saubers podcasts poetry press quantum quantum manifestation quantum manifestation process quantum manifestation workshop recommendations resources sessions videos Jan 09, 2023

Welcome to my blog. I'm SO glad you're here. My motto is Practice, not Perfect. We're all WIPs (works-in-progress) including this blog. :-)

This is the beginning of something, a co-creation with the Universe where I'll let the Divine dance and flow THROUGH me. I'll share what's on my heart. My intention is to be of service, to be helpful, and to be inspiring.

AND... to give me an outlet to express in this way and a "house" for it all to live in. Maybe someday it'll all add up to something. For now, it's the beginning of something.

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