Season 4 ofĀ Sunset Breathwork in Kansas City, MissouriĀ runsĀ June 4 through September 24, 2024 every single Tuesday night at 7pm (weather permitting) on the SE lawn of The Nelson-Atkins Museum.


Breathe In Community


Breathe in community with new like-hearted, conscious friends. Sunset Breathwork is facilitated by professional Breathwork Facilitator, Melissa Saubers.

This is a love-donation-based event. Melissa is grateful to share her gifts with the community and would like to keep this event accessible. Please donate what you feel called, the suggested love-donation range is $15-$30.



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What people are saying about Sunset Breathwork & Melissa

Life-changing. Melissa’s gift has helped me tap into my own ability to drop out of my critical thinking mind and soar. I’ve been able to raise my vibration, open my heart and soul to what my true path is and start truly falling in love with myself.

The community is wonderful and I immediately felt welcome as everyone shared their journey. It’s remarkable to be in a group of open minded people all interested in healing. I’ve personally discovered self love and connection to the world through Melissa’s guided breathwork and it’s been invaluable. I plan on continuing weekly.

Oh my gosh, that was incredible! I felt the whole group and it was so transcendental!! SO MUCH LOVE! Wow, what an incredible journey. So much has shifted inside of me and I feel so alive and happy and joyful. Thank you so much Melissa, incredible soul, and thank you to every single person here.

Melissa Saubers: Teacher + Healer + Facilitator + Coach

Through intentional heart-centered coaching, Cacao ceremonies, Breathwork, Reiki, Energy Healing, and Quantum & Spiritual Hypnosis, I help my clients discover and remove the conscious and subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and barriers that are numbing and dulling their life so they can begin to heal.

I guide them on a journey of healing and expansion while holding them in a safe container. There they can access insights & awareness, repattern limiting beliefs, remove destructive behaviors, heal their hearts, and expand into their fullest expression of their most authentic self.

In a nutshell, I help my clients heal and expand their hearts so they can manifest a life of love, joy, abundance, and freedom.